Zen-Style Minimalist House Plans

So that minimalist house construction runs smoothly, well, and according to plan, you can entrust it to a professional builder or architect. The goal is that the construction of the house according to the concept and design of the house, and the budget you want.

Of course there are fees for these architectural services, the amount of which varies. Architect services in Jakarta that can help you build minimalist houses, for example Fine Team Studio, Gajah Bumi Construction, Evonil Architecture, Mata Air Persada, and many others.

The foundation of the house is very important because it will sustain your minimalist home. Especially if the design is two floors. Make sure this part of the foundation is really sturdy and can last in the long run. Use a composition of good quality building materials.

Minimalist homes usually do not have a lot of room dividers, so it looks relieved, although in a size that is not too broad. You must pay close attention to the use of this insulation, especially in areas that are not really needed, so that the look of your home remains elegant.

If you build a minimalist two-storey house, choose the right and sturdy stairs. Some are made of iron, ceramics, wood, and others. Of course, adjust the selection of this ladder with the concept of the house you choose.

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