Simple House Plans of Type 36

Before you make a choice to one of the examples of minimalist house plans above, it helps you pay attention to some important things that will certainly affect the decision on the design of the most appropriate home and suitable to be applied in your home.

The first thing that you should consider before actually planning the type of house plan that you will apply to the newly built dwellings is the overall style of the house. If your house will be built in a minimalist style, then choose a type of floor plan for a minimalist home too. If your home is designed in a mediteranian style, also choose a house plan that is in harmony with the overall style of your home.

Know exactly how many bedrooms you will need for your residence. Adjust the number of family members and the frequency of guests who stay overnight. If you have two children who are growing up, of course you will need at least three bedrooms. Not to mention if your house is often visited by close relatives to stay, it is definitely a simple minimalist house plan with only two bedrooms will not be adequate.

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