Multifunctional Furniture in a Small Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the important parts in the house, because that’s where delicious dishes can be created for all family members. Even though your house is not too wide, it does not mean that the kitchen must be underestimated. You can still make a small kitchen with maximum function. For that the kitchen needs to be designed effectively so that it still feels comfortable when used for cooking and washing dishes. One way to work around this is to use multi-functional furniture.

Kitchen cabinets usually also function as a table (table top) for processing dishes, putting cutting boards, mashing spices and putting ingredients needed for cooking. If your kitchen is small and doesn’t have a large enough table top, you can outsmart it by making a multi-function kitchen sink cover to become a table like this photo. So, when the cover is lifted, the sink can be used, when it is closed, be a fairly large table top.

The disadvantage is that you cannot use the table top and sink at the same time. Activities using tables and sinks must be done alternately. Try when processing the dishes, all the ingredients have been washed so you don’t need to open the sink.

To be able to make furniture like this you need to pay attention to the material. You can choose solid surface material. This material can be formed at will because the installation is printed according to the required shape. Solid surface mixtures include polyester resin and acrylic. This material is quite light and not porous so the kitchen table is easier to clean from stains and dirt. Solid surface is also available in a variety of patterns and colors so you can create according to your taste.

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