Modern Simple Dream House

Houses that stand on a limited area of ​​154 m² are built with the concept of form follow function.

The design of this house leads to a modern tropical house that represents the character of a house in Indonesia and is embodied by using simple lines and natural materials so that the house feels more homey and easy to care for. The facade tends towards the cube house, seen in the game lines and geometry fields and uses the roof so that it is not combined with woodplank material.

When entering the house, the public zone is placed downstairs. Private area on the top floor and arranged with simple furniture as well as a partition in the form of a wooden grid. The dominance of white areas on floors, walls and ceilings and the presence of windows. Glass doors make this room spacious. On the second floor we will feel the “warmth” of merbau wood in the main room and two children’s rooms and compact arrangement like a hotel room.

Moving into the family room and balcony, we can enjoy the view towards innercourt on the first floor and the natural light from the skylights.

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