Minimalist Modern House Shaped Box

The box forms are very identical in the design of the house that puts forward this minimalist modern concept. This simple geometric shape appears in the composition of the entire building mass up to every architectural detail. The concept of openness also makes every room in the house covered by me bathed in natural light, especially during the day.

A facade of a box building with a unique variation of the canopy being a “greeter” when entering this area of the house. With a width of 3 m and a stretch of 20 m, the canopy becomes the most prominent element in the facade area of the building. The canopy is also given an accent element in a variety of sizes of skylights which are composed asymmetrically.

The magnitude of the glass box and its position are also adjusted, according to the canopy structure using concrete. Interestingly, the long span concrete structure is strong enough without a support column in the center.

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