Minimalist House Plan Type 36

With land for housing increasingly limited, of course to pin a few beds in a dwelling to be quite tricky. For families who have more than two teenage children who are growing up, two bedrooms is certainly not enough. On the other hand, having more bedrooms means you need more consideration in making the right minimalist floor plan or floor plan because the more bedrooms you want, the more space you have left for other rooms.

Maybe some people will feel enough with only two bedrooms at home, but normally when your children grow up, they are given their own private room. Not to mention if there are guests who visit and plan to stay overnight. For this reason, at least having three bedrooms in the house is the most ideal choice.

Having three beds does not mean you have to sacrifice the comfort of relaxing in the living room, or the freedom of cooking in the kitchen, you know. With good home floor planning, you will still be able to smoothly move even though your minimalist home is occupied by 3 bedrooms. has summarized some minimalist house plans with 3 bedrooms that you can make inspiration when building a house.

225/5000Free space allows you to have 3 rooms with a size large enough, 3 bathrooms, 1 beautiful kitchen, and even a side porch. The right window placement for lighting is also highlighted in this design.

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