Inspirations Home Plans with Pillar of The House

If you decide to use wallpaper as a wall decor, choose a wallpaper whose motives are not too crowded. Wallpapers with lively motifs can look cheap and contrast with the desired simplicity concept. Choose a wallpaper with a simple and neutral-colored motif to make your house look simpler and more spacious.

If your living room wallpaper has a striped pattern, don’t put colorful pillows with splashy motifs like tribal or polka-dotted because it will give the impression of a ‘bump’ strong so the room feels cheap and noraka. Align the motifs on each side of the room in one tone so that the room feels elegant and luxurious.

Don’t be impulsive when shopping for home furnishings if you have a house with a simple design. If you are wrong or buy too much, you will only add to the impression of cramped space. Buy items that are really needed and have an important role in your household life.

Choose furniture that can reflect light, such as those made of glass or stainless steel. With the furniture reflecting light so that the amount of light entering the room is quite intense, the room looks brighter and wider. So you don’t need to turn on all the lights in the house while the sun is still shining. Besides functioning to reflect light into the room, furniture made of glass or stainless steel is also able to make the room in the house look lighter and more relaxed. The mirror also has the same role in giving the impression of a room that looks more spacious. Install a large mirror vertically in the living room so that the room that was narrow looked more than doubled.

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