House Plans with Similar Room Designs

Makes you not need to bother thinking about diverse designs and end up making the house seem tacky. Each room and bathroom design is made exactly, with a size that does not differ much. The design of the dining room and bar-shaped kitchen also saves space at home.

There is a fairly large room divider dividing the bedroom with a family room, but the partition is only three-quarters of the height of the wall and serves as a TV panel. The rest of the zoning space in this simple house plan is done by placing furniture such as dining tables with the concept of a bar and the use of floor coatings that are different in motif or material.

The bulkhead reduction that appears on this simple house plan is used to facilitate access and mobility in confined spaces.

Modular spatial planning is also applied to simple house plans with one of these rooms. The difference is that the service room is placed next to the entrance, while the communal space is located behind the house so that it is directly exposed to natural lighting.

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