House Plans 3 Room Size 7 × 9

With different color characters in each room, you will not be bored with your home. The existence of the terrace in the main bedroom is unique to this 3-room house plan.

The first step that you must do is develop a minimalist home development plan with a steady. You must have a strong commitment from the beginning considering the construction of the house will require a lot of time, energy, and costs. Plan well, carefully, and detailed construction of the house, so you are really ready to execute it to completion.

Before building a house, you must have the land first. Make sure the texture, condition, and size of the land in the location you have chosen, so you can adjust it for your home. Also pay attention to the condition of the surrounding environment because you and your family will live and settle there.

The next stage is to think about and choose the right minimalist home concept or design. If you are married and have children, build a minimalist house with two levels of family concept. But if you are still single and want a more unique house, you can choose a minimalist house one level with the concept of wooden houses, contemporary, or other.

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