Design a Family Home with 2 Children

Some of these simple house plans are one-story houses consisting of 1-2 bedrooms. The design is intended for small families, amounting to 2-4 people, so it is suitable for you who have just had a family and are planning to build your own home.

it utilizes small pebbles as elements which cover the pillars on the fence and half pillars of the house. The selection of a large window even more sweeten the look of this house.

not only serves as a building buffer, but can also be a complement that makes the house look sturdy and more majestic.

One function of house plans is that you can make the most of limited land. The form of a modular house consisting of rooms that are also modular in this simple house plan successfully manages the land’s drought effectively.

Can be seen from this simple house plan a strategic spatial planning that is dividing the two sides of the land into two different function areas. On the right side is the communal space area and service area, while on the left side is a private area consisting of two bedrooms and bathrooms. Arranging simple house plans like this make limited land not wasted.

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