A Small House with 3 Bedrooms

With a large number of members, it is not necessarily impossible to live in a small house. Use the concept of a house with a corridor that does not need to be too broad. For extra breadth, also efficiently place the dining room, living room and kitchen.

Surrounded by shady trees and green grass more complete with a simple house design that is charming. Do not always have to face the front, the entrance that leads to the side looks nice and neat. This model can be an inspiration for your home.

With a blend of orange ‘bright salmon’ with traditional cream in this design successfully adds beauty to the home. Although the design is simple, the right color can affect the beauty of the house.

Right in front of the main door with matching frame and window frames can add aesthetic value to the design of this house. Small concrete pots attached to the wall with green plants in it increasingly give color to the house.

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