A Floor Plan of a Small House with 3 Bedrooms

Can be tricked by combining the family room, dining room, and kitchen in one large room. No need to build a bathroom in each room, you can only have one bathroom with a separate toilet so as not to reduce the productivity of family members, especially in the morning.

Color selection will be important in the construction of minimalist homes, which are dominated by neutral colors. Make sure to combine the right colors and according to the concept of your home, so that the whole house looks harmonious, beautiful, comfortable, and unsightly.

is a combination briefly discussed earlier in the article Coloring Minimalist House Paint Coloring. Bright and light lime colors will brighten the atmosphere of your minimalist home. The use of wood floors in each bedroom also adds warmth and comfort when resting.

Although minimalist style, pay attention to the terrace of your house. The terrace will be the front part (face) of your house, so you need to pay special attention to this area. The right combination of material and design will make your patio area attractive and make the house look more beautiful.

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