3 Room House with Garage

If your house does not have a yard or parking access, of course you have to leave room for the garage. But still, you can still have 3 bedrooms! Place the bedroom and bathroom close together and take advantage of the narrow aisle house model to make room large enough for your room.

Interestingly, the modular arrangement in this simple house plan can produce some remaining space. For newly married young couples, you can use this leftover room as a laundry room or workspace. If family members increase later, the remaining space in this simple house plan can be renovated into a small nursery room.

The need for outdoor activities is fulfilled by this simple house plan. At the back of the house with two bedrooms, a garden house is made which functions as a lounge.

Although only in the form of a small garden that is isolated by a closed fence, but the use of glass doors as access to air from outside the room makes the function of the rear garden is quite optimal. This simple house plan also presents an entrance area or foyer – close to the kitchen – that can be processed into a storage area.

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