Simple House Plans of Type 36

Before you make a choice to one of the examples of minimalist house plans above, it helps you pay attention to some important things that will certainly affect the decision on the design of the most appropriate home and suitable to be applied in your home. The first thing that you should consider before actually […]

Minimalist Modern House Plans

With a layer of glossy marble floors and transparent doors in every room, which makes the house look spacious and without borders. The use of furniture sets with similar materials and colors also makes the whole house look harmonious and not excessive, making this house successfully apply a perfect minimalist modern home plan. The combination […]

Rooftop above The House Design

Will make housing more enjoyable and spacious. Placement of a minimalist staircase in the yard and decorative marble in the yard, makes the exterior of the house look impressive. The separate kitchen section also provides cooking comfort, as well as maintaining the cleanliness of the other room. In a simple house plan you should also […]

3 Room House with Garage

If your house does not have a yard or parking access, of course you have to leave room for the garage. But still, you can still have 3 bedrooms! Place the bedroom and bathroom close together and take advantage of the narrow aisle house model to make room large enough for your room. Interestingly, the […]

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